Welcome to the "How To Roleplay" Page. This page will help you understand the universal way of RP through simple symbols and examples.
Alright, this one is probably the simplest of this page. A character is the person whom you want to use to roleplay with.
Example-> Bob: What a lovely day.
Bob is the character I choose to use. Please remember that you may ONLY use your characters you have created.
This one will be simple. I will just make a list.
: Stands for where your characters name ends and the words your characters use begin.
* stands for the words for the actions of your character.
Example-> Bob: *Waves* Hey there!
** or *( Stands for thoughts. You can write out the action "thinking", but it seems easier the first two ways.
{ or [ Stands for other languages. If you don't want others to understand what the character is saying, that's fine, type in that language. When using these, encase everything you want in another language in the brackets. So it'll start with a { and end with a }. Depending on the situation you may also need to define which language your character is speaking, but all you have to do for THAT is just tell us.
( Can be use for telepathic thoughts. The same rules apply for this as they do with the language brackets; encase the whole statement you wish to have telepathic.
~ are used at the end of each sentence to give your character a sing-songy/seductive voice, or can be used for singing.
" are used for when your character has written something and someone else is reading it. Such as a text, or a book, OR if your character is doing sign language.
Example-> Bob: *txts* "hey Amy, whats up?"
Amy: "nothing much, just hangin' out watching the Dating Game."
When doing sign language or some such thing, merely put *signs* in front of the first statement instead of *txt*
->> I believe that covers everything. On a final note, PLEASE use correct punctuations to express your characters feelings. Run-on sentences are read as run-ons and they make your character seem rather dull. Same applies for only using periods, or not using them at all. Also, since this is a roleplay comic, feel free to do what we call "Anti-scripting" and go into detail about your characters emotions and thoughts.
->> This is what anti-scripting is like, feel free to use variations of it as well. Bob: *I sat and pondered about the situation, and rubbed my chin. This was all very awkward, and i was sure Amy wouldnt understand.. . . so what to do next? I paced back and forth in the large empty mansion, my footsteps echoing off the bare walls. Finally, i came to a conclusion and turned my sights to the window; Amy's home far in the distance. Despite my evil brother running rampant around the streets, I couldnt suppress my feelings for her. I would ask her out. . tonight.*
fun, huh? :)