1) Update as much as possible! Character deletions are every month. If you are going to be gone for over a month, please let Orthrus know in advance.
2) If you are posting mature content, please add MATURE CONTENT to the title.
3) Do not disrespect others.
4) Make sure you're in the chatroom at as often as you can. this is a roleplay comic, and we wanna see you~!
The SEVEN Rules of Chatroom!
Rule One: Respect the Characters! No raping people's characters unless they have agreed upon this. Faliure to comply with this rule will earn you a time out! Also, just as the title of this rule says - Respect Characters - This means no humiliation or the like without the author's consolation first.
Rule Two: Respect the Authors! No insulting each other! Typing is very different from speaking, so be careful with humerus sarcasm, and type politely. Failure to do this will get you banned for six hours or permanately removed from the chatroom if this offence is repeated.
Rule Three: Respect Your Self! No emo boxes, no cutting, no burning, bashing, threatening, (etc) yourself! It makes people worry and also you piss people off! If you are having a bad day talk to someone. If you don't to talk about it do not put "*sigh*" fifty billion times and then not say anything when asked what's wrong!
Rule Four: Sex is a Private Matter keep it that way! All sex scence yuri, yaoi, hetero, animal, robot, whatever is to be kept in the private chats! We may have some younger authors, and frankly no one wants to see it all over the main chat.
Rule Five: We are allowed to ban members. If you are spamming, breaking one of the above rules, or just getting on everyone's nerves, you will be banned. This is a chat made BY the people, FOR the people, and OF the people. . . so we have full rights to BAN people.
Rule Six: Controlling. Avoid controlling ALL of the world, like natural disasters, weather and such, just for your own RP enjoyment. This is considered Godmoding, and that rule is a Given. If you have a character that CAN control all of this, then dont assume that all the other characters will apply. Keep it between you and whoever else you're RPing with, or better yet just ask if it's alright for a bit.
Rule Seven: Backgrounds and Homelands. Say you have a dragon character that comes from the same place as another persons dragon character. If that character's homeland is an original idea, then dont just assume you can have your character from that homeland as well. Ask that RPer if it's alright, and then get the correct information about it before you just RP any old thing you want. It's rather frustrating to spend time creating all the fine details of someone's culture and such just to have it rp-smeared all over the place.