Razz and Amy

February 24th, 2011, 1:37 am

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Reply Neki_Chan, February 24th, 2011, 2:02 am

~Name: Razz Awe Mataz/Amy Mae (Mataz) Payne
~Age: 22/19
~Race: Koathian
~O.S: Straight/Bisexual
~Height: 6'1/5'4
~Weight: 190lb/150lb
~Likes(Razz): Beer, warm days, rain, mountains, Grey, hide-aways and his sister.
~Likes(Amy): Warm days, sun, beaches, PIP, the healing hut and kindness.
~Dislikes(Razz): Cats, people hurting his family, winter, Crowds and his uncle.
~Dislikes(Amy): Dogs(slight fear), people hurting her family, winter, rain, large crowds and her uncle.
~Status: Both Taken
~Personality: (Razz) He's smart and can be nice if he knows you well enough. He's not shy, he just has trust issues.(Amy) Kind, Gentle and sweet. She's mostly the opposet of her brother, but she's become more outgoing since they've been in Maple Apartments.
~Ablities: (Razz) Super Strangth, Telepathy. (Amy) Teleportation and Potion making (Both) Transformation and spell-conjuring
~Other: Razz And Amy are brother and sister. They are both a race from an island deep in the Bermuda Triangle. They both have seemed to have changed a good deal since living with people in Maple Apartments. Razz Can't be without alcohol. He seems to have a Posttraumatic stress disorder(PTSD), where he goes in uncontrolable rage, which is not good with his ablities. Amy was attacked at a very young age by dogs, they don't scare her as much as they use to, but she's still wary. Razz is currently in a relationship while Amy is married. Razz has 4 kids and Amy has 8(will conform later).

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