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~Name: Lexx Patan
~Age: 18 (11 mentally)
~O.S: Bisexual
~Race: Human (Mutated)
~Likes: Sunny days, rain, his family, friends, new people, learning new things, Lorette and his sword.
~Dislikes: People hurting his family, rudeness, his otherside, doing nothing and not much else.
~Height: 5'7
~Weight: 160lbs
~Personality: Kind, considerate, open minded, slightly gullable and optimistic.
~Ablities: Running fast, spell conjuring, spell casting, swordsmenship.
~Other: Lexx was found by Razz and his second girlfriend Takkun. They raised him as their own until a mishap happened umongest Razz and Takkun, leaving Lexx with Razz and certain vists by Takkun. At one point, when he was still 8, he stepped into his Uncle Dexter's (not related) time machine. The machine wasn't yet finished, which made Lexx older, but his mind still stayed that of a child. Every year he grows alittle mentally. Now that he reached 11, his mind child mind will start to grow faster. He also has another side to him, which all has named Xxel. Lexx's blood can give people his power, but it comes with a price. Just like Lexx has Xxel, they will too have an other self, or they die from the trama it causes. He's the polar opposet of Lexx. Lexx is a very charming young man with a heart of gold. He learned Swoerdsmenship from Thanos, another who he clames as "uncle". Lexx has known Everyone in Maple Apartments as some part of his family. He loves them dearly and would protect them til his death.

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