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~Name: Gregorey
~Age: 20?
~O.S: He's dead.
~Race: Undead/Zombie
~Likes: Reading, calm days, a friendly face, cookies, cooked food and getting to know people.
~Dislikes: being undead, his limbs falling off, His limbs being used without his promission, people running away from him, hurting people and his rotting corpse.
~Height: 5'8
~Weight: 150lb
~Personality: Nice and kind, pretty out going with a unique charm.
~Ablities: He's a Zombie?
~Other: Gregorey isn't like other Zombies. He has emotions and loves to make new friends. You could even consider him a vegitarian. He has never tried human nor does he want too. meat and would perfer not. There's not much known about Gregorey's life pire to death, but he's rather happy now, even though he's dead, and his limbs get taken. The only way Gregorey communicates is through a series of groaning noises. He can't seem to talk.

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