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NOTE: LEXX DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT HIM YET! So don't tell him please! Not until I feel like letting them know!! Anyway

~Name: Riley Patan
~Age: 22
~Race: Human (Mutated)
~Gender: Male
Eyes: Golden Yellow
Hair: Brown
~O.S: Mostly girls, but will go for the same gender.
~Likes: Reading, women, dating, something fun, helping and sour/sweet/spicy foods.
~Dislikes: no one understanding him, Yelir..that's it really.
~Other: Riley is a sweet, smart fellow and is very outgoing. He likes people and is rarely afraid. He likes wearing dark versions of colors and "flirting" with girls. He only asks one out, and if he's still with that one, then it's no one else. If he's let down, he doesn't take it to heart. Riley, like Lexx, lost his parents at a young age, thinking he was the last of his family left. ever since he was 13 he was taking care of himself. Learning most of what he does from books. Like all Patan's, he has his Opposet self, Yelir. Riley has learned to control Yelir alot more then Lexx can with Xxel.

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