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~Name: Francis Sentra
~Age: 27
~Race: Human
~Gender: Female
~O.S: Straight, but can bend~
~Hair: (Streaks) White (Rest) Blonde and Brown
~Eyes: Crystal Blue
~Likes: Calm days, rough housing, fooling around, her "fellas", Torq, being a bar tender and food.
~Dislikes: Knives, swords, broken glass, anything sharp, Lucifer, Smiley and things taken too seriously.
~Other: Frankie is a strong, tough, and boyish woman you would ever see. She has her own bar, The White Out. Though she doesn't have alot of knowladge, she has quick wit in a fight. Frankie was saved from Lucifer, and from then on was afriad of anything sharp. She tries to pull through this fear of her's and push on with all the will she can muster. She has a strong liking toward Torq, whom she knew back when she first built the bar. She was born with white streaks in her hair, which she was made fun of in highschool for.

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