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These are my Vamps..and a werewolf pup :3
There's one more but I'm too lazy to put him on here.
I don't like this one of Flore so I wanna post the other one up of her.

Brooklin is a very old vampire, one of the oldest. He's 2000 years old. He's the leader of the Island clans. There are other's higher then him. Brooklin is often a flirt or a calm guy, but he is serious when need be. He hates werewolves, for his own reasons. He is one called a "Hypnoises Clan" Which can control anyone suseptable to it. He doesn't remember his real name, though back then it probably didn't matter. He choose his own name and now goes by Brooklin. Dating Rechell.

Flore is way younger then Brooklin, 200 years old. She likes sex. Flore wants to die at one point in her 'new life'. When she was alive, Flore was very sick and was close to dying, one of her servents, who she knew was a vampire, turned her when she asked her too. Flore is motherly, she is straight forward with what's on her mind, and flirty. Her Clan is called "Silver Fang". They have silver teeth. Her real name was Francescia VonSept. Dating/Having child with Marus.

Lorina is a werepup. Not much is known about her parents or what happened to them, but, unlike Brooklin, he took her home and made Flore take care of her. Though she doesn't remember what happened to her parents, she's a very happy young girl with her new family.

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